Child's Play

Tonight was the kind of night where the world stood still. Where for the sake of nothing more then just because, my nieces and I brought out the big silver mixing bowl and baked a huge batch of gigantic oatmeal chocolate and butterscotch chip cookies.

For a brief hour or two, I traded in the stress of work, bills, home repairs, yard work, and all things adult and took a spot on the floor in front of the stove, like old friends around a campfire. As we watched or final extra huge cookie (complete with M&M face) grow, shape, melt and form, we laughed, played little word games, sampled cookies, and laughed some more.

It was a short period of time, but it was pure child’s play, sincere and spontaneous, worry free, laughter filled, heart warming, game playing, middle-of-the-kitchen-floor nonsense—quite simply—it was exactly what I hadn’t even realized I needed—all topped off with a side of cookies and milk.