A few Creations

I spent last night working on homework with the girls-- (Research projects are one of my favorites!) and Knitting-- I'm determined to finish that two year old blanket that I talked about in my last post (which seems like a lot of work for a blanket I intend to be a dog blanket for my Boys Tyson and Ben), but wanting to keep it fresh on the site, I wanted to share with you a few of my creations that have come about from less than typical canvases. 

When i get around to taking some photos of the furniture I have attacked with a paintbrush, I will be sure to post those up as well.

My apologies in advance for the photography...... I'm no photographer by any means! =)  I should also note that i have FULL intention of taking a hammer to the sky in the second picture, and completely knocking it off the rock that I painted, as I can't stand it.... but when I will get around to that, if ever, I'm not sure, so it is what it is for the time being.