Yellow Doors

I don't know if love at first sight would do the emotion I felt justice when we viewed our would-be home for the first time. This. Was. It.
It had started with a phone call—rather brief, some month or so before—early on a Sunday morning. “do you want to buy a house together?” I was asked.

“I’ll be right over, but yes. Yes I do.”

Not 20 minutes later the coffee was flowing as my brother, his wife, my nieces and I all sat around the kitchen table, sipping, chatting, number crunching, planning.  The next month was a whirlwind that flew by so fast, I'm amazed it left any of us standing. Appointments, letters, paystubs, more appointments, phone calls, budgets, painting, cleaning, more budgets, more appointments.

And then, there we stood, in awe, of what could be ours. Compared to the less than 600 square foot house, with cracked plaster walls, a back door that wouldn’t shut without the deadbolt turned, and a rain induced river running through my basement, this was a palace.  As we walked through the rooms, taking it all in, we noticed a trend through the house that gleamed from each room of the palace like the gold of a crown.
Nearly every room in this house, had a yellow door.

Blue bedroom—Yellow door.
Purple bathroom—Yellow door.
Lime Green Kitchen—Yellow pantry door.
Earthy toned living room, beautifully shaded in Khaki greens and sandy browns—Yellow doors.

After our walk through, two things became abundantly clear to us.  
  1. The owners loved bright bold colors—especially their yellow doors
  2. And walls and doors could be painted, because this was THE house.

 Now 6 months after that initial viewing, the rooms are still brightly colored, the boxes are unpacked, the family has settled in nicely, and each door remains yellow. It would seem that the yellow had grown on us for the time being, and so it remains a constant. We are not perfect, we are far from it, but I believe with conviction, that each and every day each and every one of us does what we need to, to make our blended family of 5 members, and 5 pets work. We share laughter, Joy, tears, and fears as we share our day to day lives.

Every few weeks or so, in the midst of moments when temperatures attitudes, or nerves are running high, my brother will nudge me and ask—his face painted with a grin much akin to the Cheshire cat-- , “so you answered the phone that Sunday, eh?” and my answer is always the same, “yes sir, I did.”

This is the life of a writer—Behind Yellow Doors.