Thank You

Dear Grandpa               

Thank you for the part you played
in the gift that we call freedom.
                         Love Stef

Today I clutch your military tag which proudly displays your last name, “PAUL” and I give thanks. I trace my finger along the etched out letters of your name, and am thankful for you, and all of those who came before and after you to fight for our country, our freedom, for our lives. You were a part of our history, and will forever be a part of our freedom.

To all the men and women who serve or have served with a courage and honor that I can hardly fathom; be it yesterday, today, or tomorrow—thank you.

For the men and women who have lost their lives, so we could enjoy freedom and dignity in ours, I am forever grateful.

To the families of those who have watched your loved ones leave to fight for freedoms that we far to often take for granted—may your own bravery in the midst of uncertainty and strife be forever remembered.

Words pale in comparison to the gifts that are bestowed upon us by the men and women of service who fight so we may find peace, who lay in wake so we may sleep in safety and comfort, whose eyes have seen horror and indescribable pain and suffering, so that our eyes may see a bright future on the horizon—Men and women who sacrifice their lives so we may keep ours.

Today, tomorrow and every day, may we remember and honor those brave souls whose fingerprints are embedded in our very lives and freedom.