My How time flies when you’re dressed like a gigantic pumpkin dancing in the basement.

It’s been one year as of this past Saturday, since my family and I decided to venture into home ownership together, leaving behind apartment blocks, and tiny houses, in exchange for yellow doors, new beginnings, and a certain level of uncertainty on all parts, as to if, and for how long this would all really work.

Though I can hardly believe it’s been a year already, one year alone, does not equal success. It does however provide us as a family with one successful year of memories to build upon—to continue working as a family toward continued success together.

Living together as a family, any family, is no piece of cake—it’s something that takes work to succeed. I never want to simply co-exist with the people around me, I want to be an active part of each and every one of their lives—that, is what spells success in this venture for me, and that is something that takes work, communication, patience, understanding, and indeed a tiny dash of faith on everyone’s part to make it happen despite the day to day grind, and the ups and downs that life will always throw our way.

As I try to think back on the last year, all I can say, is that time sure flies when you’re: building bunk beds, fighting frenzies of bees, barbequing for the family in minus 30 degree weather, shoveling snow, helping with homework, dancing in your living room, playing fortune cookie truth or dare, putting on skits with your nieces, assembling cheap plywood dressers, smashing cheap plywood dressers to pieces, painting walls, painting canvases, painting rocks, painting fingernails, building science fair projects, renovating hallways, helping with more homework, having toothbrush parties, landscaping the yard, baking until your eyes ooze icing and pie filling and dancing in the basement dressed like a Giant pumpkin with your sister in law.

We often talk in the house about what a step this really was for each of us to take. Not inherently difficult I suppose, people Move all the time, but to bring us all together, and hang each and every one of our hats on the hope that it would work out, it’s no wonder, looking back, why some folks thought we were nuts to do it—why some folks thought it would never work. Perhaps the reason it has worked so far is because those that doubted had at least one thing right—we are all, in fact, just a little bit nutty.