About the Yellow Doors

Behind Yellow doors is named after one of the quirks of the home where my family and I live. Since the day we moved in nearly each and every brightly painted room has shared one unique quirk. Yellow Doors.

Blue bedroom—Yellow door.

Purple bathroom—Yellow linen closet doors.

Lime Green Kitchen—Yellow pantry door.

Earthy toned living room, beautifully shaded in Khaki greens and sandy browns—Yellow doors.

Just as our home has this interesting quirk among many, I believe that the quirks in our families are part of what gives any family—which are fully of unique and colorful personalities—their cohesive identities. Just like the many bright and at times even odd color choices in my family’s home, the yellow doors are constant, consistent, and at times even a bit wacky, but they’re part of the quirks and traits that makes it home just as the traits and quirks, and at times even wacky behavior, is part of what makes us a family